Survival Choices – P 3

Vitamin C

Liposomal Vit- C

One of the most frustrating and even dangerous symptoms of Candida overgrowth is chronic constipation. Finding a solution becomes a totally consuming obsession.

Well, the immediate answer was rather simple going right to my comfort zone and prior experience. I have no idea why it took me so long to think of it.

For twenty years I have continually used high dose Vitamin C as part of my cancer control protocols. Many times taking Vitamin C at levels above 12 grams daily. Today, with our access to Liposomal Vitamin C, it is convenient to take the equivalent of 10, 20 or even more grams of Vitamin C daily.

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Survival Choices – P 2

DR Efren Navarro

DR Efren Navarro

It turns out the antibiotic Doxycycline has a reputation for causing havoc with good gut flora.  Wonder why none of the Doxycycline cancer studies saw fit to mention the problem?

The Navarro test indicated fNHL was again in remission.   My running was starting to pick up again.  It looked like I had once again dodged a bullet.   Little did I realize I would soon be facing the most serious health challenge of my last twenty years?

Taking a well constructed cancer survival maintenance protocol found me confident entering 2011.   This was the “lull before the storm” for while cancer symptoms were fine everything in my body was not.    It was more and more difficult to have a routine bowel movement.    While my diet had not changed my bathroom habits were becoming a major problem.

Furiously searching on the Internet I was trying and get a handle on what was happening.   As the weeks dragged out the problem became more and more serious.    I was having to resort to numerous laxatives and was soon to the point of never having a normal bowel movement.

A New & Inexpensive Cancer Cure?

Dr. Otto Warburg

If you read Pdazzler regularly you know I have an affinity for the work of the early and middle 20th century cancer researchers and doctors. In my humble opinion they had discovered the main culprit causing cancer (SUGAR) and also defined the simplest and easiest cure (OXYGEN).

Over the past year a fellow researcher and FaceBook Friend (Dr Morris Keller) has been corresponding with a Mexican Pediatrician (Dr. Alberto Halabe Bucay) who has a novel approach for treating cancer using Citric Acid. Citric Acid is extremely inexpensive and according to Dr Halabe is a powerful cancer cure.

Since Citric Acid occurs naturally in the body and is a huge piece of the Warburg’s KREB’s Cycle it makes all the commonsense in the world. Dr. Keller has begun working with a cancer survivor who is following Dr. Halabe’s Citric Acid Protocol.

Contolled Amino Acid Therapy

How Controlled  Amino Acid Therapy (CAAT) Works
Source:  A.P. John Institute for Cancer Research

Controlled Amino Acid Therapy

The objective of CAAT is to alter or impair the development of cancer cells by interfering with the five basic requirements of cell formation (structure, energy, blood vessels, growth hormones and functions). This is accomplished by controlling the intake of the 20 different amino acids. The building blocks of proteins and cells, that the cancer cell requires for formation, growth and function. In essence, amino acids in the form of enzymes and hormones, control literally every chemical reaction that takes place in the cells of the body. (Source, text book, Practical Physiological Chemistry: authors; Harper, Rodwell and Mayes.) Thus, the name Controlled Amino Acid Therapy (CAAT).

NADH for Cancer Treatment & Prevention

Cancer – Vitamins and minerals supplements:
Doctor: Parker’a healthy boy,’thanks to pills

By Matt Canham
The Salt Lake Tribune

ANAHEIM, Calif. — Hands buried in the pockets of his khaki pants, 13-year-old Parker Jensen darts from a wheat-grass display to a machine that produces natural supplement pills.

He pops a vitamin-enriched gummy snack as his parents trail behind him, taking in the hundreds of vendors pushing diet pills and herbal remedies inside the packed Anaheim Convention Center.


The Jensens, from Sandy, attended the nation’s largest alternative medicine convention last weekend specifically for booth No. 1364, where Viennese physician George Birkmayer pitched his own supplement, ENADA, which he describes as “biological rocket fuel.” He also claims the supplement is the key to keeping Parker healthy.

Utahns first learned about Parker almost a year ago, when his parents defied a court order and the recommendations of several doctors as they searched for alternative treatments for his cancer. At the time, state officials were almost universally convinced Parker would succumb to the disease without chemotherapy, but Birkmayer has pronounced him 100 percent fit and said the fruity lozenges he has prescribed will ensure he stays that way.

Death Sentence Beat by Mother Nature

This powerful testimonial was written by an anonymous cancer survivor that went from certain death to complete remission using alternative medicine over his Oncologist’s objections. This case is especially noteworthy because of the swiftness, 4 months, of the cure and the fact it was verified by an Oncologist using Pet/CT scans before and after alternative treatment. There is something powerful to be learned by all cancer survivors here. – Pdazzler


Colon Cancer (click to enlarge)

I am a 41 year old male that has been diagnosed with STAGE 4 COLON CANCER. My Oncologist told me I had only 6 months to 1 year to live without Chemotherapy, and 2 to 3 years left to live with Chemo. When the doctor gives you a death sentence like that, you begin to question what the next 2 to 3 years would be like going with their drugs. Not good!!! 6 months of Chemo just to go into another PET/CT scan. After that they would start dumping more poison into me until eventual death. What other conclusion could there be? Scans and Chemo, “Until Death Do Us Part”.

I had non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma 6 years ago, and did 3 months of Chemo and a month of Radiation to get rid of it. Those treatments left me with lymphedema of the left arm and fried saliva glands. I still have a swollen left arm and dry mouth today. I wish I knew then what I know now. I would have never gone through that misery!

“Cancer is Curable Now”

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New Documentary Empowers Cancer Patients to Take Action

"Cancer is Curable Now"

LOS ANGELES, Calif., Feb. 28, 2011 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — “Cancer is Curable Now,” presented by Wake-Up TV, is a feature-length documentary that demonstrates the problems cancer patients face and a wide range of solutions utilizing holistic cancer treatments. It reveals patient options and busts the myth that cancer is a deadly disease.

This cancer documentary empowers patients, family members and supporters by showing how to support the body’s innate healing mechanisms.

“People need to know that they have many choices and that they can be in charge of their healing process and not be victims,” says Marcus Freudenmann, director and producer of “Cancer is Curable Now.”

Value PSA Velocity Change Questionable

Health Day News

THURSDAY, Feb. 24 (HealthDay News) — Blood tests that indicate prostate-specific antigen (PSA) levels are rising rapidly over time are of little use in detecting aggressive prostate cancer and should not be done, a new study indicates.

PSA is a protein produced by cells of the prostate gland. High levels of PSA can be a marker for prostate cancer, although it’s far from a perfect screening tool, experts say. Men with both high and low levels of PSA can have cancer or not have cancer.

The thought was that since high PSA levels are correlated with prostate cancer, rapidly rising levels of PSA, called “PSA velocity,” from one year to another would also be an indicator of prostate cancer.