Ashampoo Snap Free Screenshot For Android is Available Now

Ashampoo is a well known app developer that develops an application and software for Windows and Android as well. I have personally used its software and all works perfectly in my computer. As of now, I am personally using Ashampoo Snap 7 to capture and edit screenshot for this blog and without any issue it works smoothly.

When taking screenshot, it doesn’t matter on which system the screenshot is taken, be it on your PC or on your Android device. What matters is, how it looks.

As you know Android smartphone comes with screen capture features. However, it works at very basic level with no option to manage the captured images at advance level.

To make your screenshots much better and nice looking one freeware app called Ashampoo Snap is available for Android as well. Ashampoo Snap for Android is a fully-fledged mobile application to capture, edit and share screenshots and images on your Android device.

You can start this app instantly after installing on your Android device. You can take any type of images or even capture new ones or even can use existing photos and then use different type of style on them including arrows, stamps, text and many more others available to choose from.

Using Built-in sharing feature you can upload your edited pictures on Email,Picasa, Google Plus and Facebook also. All the actions and steps are very simple but here is the way to use this app on your Android smartphone to capture a good screenshots.

Get started with Power Key + Volume Key to take screenshot that is automatically exported to Android Snap editing mode to start editing. You can also import image from Android Gallery and start editing. Just tap on small arrow buttonthat shows at bottom right of screen to bring up all the available options for editing.


In the options panel you can select Pan/Zoom, Draw arrows, Draw rectangle/ellipse/line shapes, Stamps, Marker, Pen and Crop images. To add any text you can select text option and type the word that you want to show on selected picture.

This app can be very useful when you want to send the snapshot of something crazy you stumbled on a web while surfing. Just take a snapshot and send it to your fellas. Going one step further, you can even give a unique touch to the images taken by applying many different tools for making it more creative.

Finalized image can be saved in PNG and JPEG format and users have the option to can control image quality. There are totally two versions available for the this app. So, choose the best one for you and capture, edit and share the screenshots on the go!


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