Simple Solution to Avoid Junkware Offers: Unchecky

How many times you’ve shouted on yourself or on others, “Read before moving to next step”? Seriously, it’s really very irritating to see so many toolbars, apps, and other unwanted services which fall into the category of “Junkware” which gets added to our system.

The prime reason for this issue is, we always forget to uncheck the appropriate boxes of additional add-ons when installing any third-party software on our system.

Just have a look at the image below, does it justify your situation?

Junkware Offers

And then we blame just the third party softwares, knowing that we’re the only one who forgot to uncheck the boxes. Isn’t it?

So, to solve this evergreen issue, you can use one tool called “Unchecky”. As the names imply, this piece of application will uncheck all the boxes so that not even a single extra add-on or toolbar will get added without your consent.

What Actually Unchecky Is?

To be very specific, Unchecky is a small, lightweight application which keeps all your checkboxes clear. That simply means, all the checkboxes will be automatically Unchecked whenever you install any new application, and thereby nocrapware or malware whatsoever.

So, if you spend hours and hours to figure out what has gone wrong or if you open your browser and find tons of new toolbars, new homepage, new settings, or even a new search engine, Unchecky is for you.

Actually Unchecky

For instance, is the sneakiest thing you can ever see. It comes with notorious scam and 99% of us will directly click on “Agree” button and move to the next step. This is where Unchecky comes handy, as it will detect thecarpware and notify the user before prompting to the next step.

Actually Unchecky

How Does unchecky Works?

Uncheck automatically unchecks the checkboxes available during the installation process, thereby saves your time and extra effort.

unchecky Works

However, there are some softwares which includes the additional programs as a natural part of the installation. No worries !!! Unchecky warns you every time if any unwanted program tries to get installed on your system.

unchecky Works

This application will not even display the icon in the notification area and will work silently in the background, keeping all the crapware and Junkware at bay.

However, this application is still in beta phase. So, there may be some exceptions.

So, if you don’t want to waste your time searching the culprit and then uninstalling them all, use Unchecky.

I really hope that you liked this tutorial or guide.

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