How to Create User Switching Shortcut in Windows 8.1

User switching in Windows 8 and windows 7 is not a complicated task and you can do it via power options or by simply pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del button to switch with different users.

However, this process can be made easier by removing a couple of steps. Yes, it can be done without heading to open Power options or even by using Ctrl + Alt + Del buttons.

You can switch between users straight from desktop without leaving any of the existing running programs and windows that you have opened. You can also switch back to the same user where you left off at the last time. Yes, you can switch user via the desktop shortcut.


The method for doing it is pretty simple. There is file in Windows System 32 folder called Session Disconnection Utilitythat can easily switch between users in Windows 7 and 8 as well.

The file name is tsdiscon.exe that you can access via desktop shortcut and switch to different users without using generic way of user switching.

How to Create Shortcut icon for “Session Disconnection Utility” – User Switching?

There are no special steps you have to follow to create shortcut for user switching in Windows 8.1/8/7. You can do itby using simple new shortcut options in Windows.

Here is the process you have to follow to create user switching shortcut.

Right click on Desktop > New > Shortcut > and Type location that will be C:\Windows\System32\tsdiscon.exe as shown in the image below. Browse button on the Create Shortcut window can also be used to locate the tsdiscon.exe file. Click onNext button and then give the appropriate name to your shortcut.

For instance, give it the name “User Shortcut”.


To give a more professional look to your shortcut you can set new icon for this. You can use something like shown in the image below so that it can be easily recognizable and attractive.

Around the corner if you are a single person using a single account on your PC, we‘ll not recommended you to create this because it will of no use to you.

However, if you are someone who really loves to try new thing, new tweaks and a fan of customization (like we are), you can use it for testing purpose or even if you want to do something new then you should try this.


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