How To Delete Folder Contents Without Opening the Folder Itself

Productive are those who uses their time in a well arranged manner. Take an example of our Computers. Most of us uses shortcut keys to save some seconds from the overall process. Isn’t it? We use many different softwares and apps with different sets of shortcuts.

We still use them just to be more productive and to save our little time.

And if shortcuts are concerned, why not to try something different? What if we say that, you can actually delete the contents inside any folders without opening that particular folder? Interesting, isn’t it? So, instead of going into the folder and selecting each and every file one-by-one or even by pressing the shortcut Ctrl+A and then hitting on delete button, why not to cut down the whole process to just one and half step?

Yes, we have a solution for this. On many occasions we just want to remove only files from a folder, keeping the main folder intact. In the very straight forward way, you have to go into the folder and select all the items and then you press on delete.

However, this is not a too much time consuming process, but you can save your little time for chatting more with your friends by applying a small little tweak in the Windows Registry settings. The tweak will add a new option ofDelete Folder Contents in Windows Context Menu.

So, by adding this tweak you can save your time and can increase Windows productivity as well.

Delete Folder Contents

How To Do That – The Procedure?

Here is the Complete Process that you have to follow:

#1. Open the RUN box (Win + R) and enter the command “regedit” (without quotes) to open the Windows Registry window.

#2. Now navigate to the following key in Registry Editor HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shell.

#3. Now Right-click on shell -> choose New ->Key, and name it Delete Folder Contents.

#4. Right-click on the new Delete Folder Contents key, choose New, Key, and name it command.

#5. In the right pane, double-click on the Default string value, and then copy/paste this text:

cmd /c “cd /d %1 && del /s /q *.*

#6. Finally, Click on Okay button and exit the Registry window.

Delete Folder Contents

Don’t want to play with registry settings on your own?

No worries! We know that Registry editing would not be an easy task for lots of users. So, we have to created one Reg file that merges automatically in Windows Registry once you double-click on that and shows the Delete Folder Contentsoption in right-click Context Menu right away.

Too easy! Isn’t it?

How to Remove Delete Folder Contents Option?

Some of you may want to remove these settings, may be because you don’t need it anymore or may be because you feel good with the traditional old method.

Whatever the reason may be, we respect your justification. So, here is the way to remove the added “Delete Folder Contents” options from the context menu.

Head over to the key you have created before in the registry setting. For that, just follow the above steps and delete the “Delete Folder Contents” key. Yeah, that’s pretty much it. You can check right-click Context Menu, where you’ll no longer find the option of the Delete Folder Content.


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