Disable Lock Screen Slide Show in Windows 8.1

As windows 8.1 is the latest offering from Microsoft, many of us have upgraded to the latest edition. So, let us ask you, Are you using Windows 8.1 on your laptop? If yes, then you are in a damm right spot, reading a right article to save your laptop’s battery life.

Slide show on Lock Screen was introduced in Windows 8.1 that was not available in Windows 8 version. Sliding picture at the Windows 8.1 Lock Screen looks beautiful and attractive, which keeps on rolling even when you were not using your laptop or computer.

Slide show on Windows 8.1 Lock Screen looks awesome, but it also increases CPU and RAM usage that are directly connected to system power. I mean there is no issue if you are using Lock Screen slide show on the desktop, but it will be insensible to use on your laptop.

As you probably would know that animations and slideshows eats more battery power. So its better to disable Lock Screen picture Slide Show feature in Windows 8.1 when your laptop is working solely on battery power.


There are no tweaks here, as Microsoft has already added one option in PC Settings to switch off the Slide Show at Lock Screen. By disabling Slide Show in laptop, we can eventually increase laptop’s battery power and time as well. Without any further discussion lets follow the process:

#1. Press Windows + I to open the Settings pane and click on Change PC Settings. You can also go through Charms Bar but keyboard shortcut works well for me.


#2. In the PC Settings, click on PC and devices and then select Lock Screen option.

#3. Finally you are on the last step. Here you need to Turn Off the option titled Play a slide show when using battery power.


Voila!!! That’s it!

Good to know that now you are saving your laptop battery power and keep saving


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