Easy Context Menu: Add New Items in Windows Context Menu

Can you imagine life without computers in our modern era? Computers have made our life easier than ever before and likewise, mouse has made computing easier as compared with the keyboards.

To be on the more productive side you can use your system mouse for controlling apps, drawing graphics, visiting the internet and so on. You can also use many commands that work under Windows Context Menu to increase your productivity and time as well.

But, hard luck is that, the Microsoft does not offer any built-in tool to control right-click Context  menu items and it is possible via only registry hack and other modification.

In a short way we can say the an average computer user can’t change any built-in feature of Windows or even any menu option. Let’s break out this part and review one small application called Easy Context Menu.

This is a truly awesome app that gives you ability to add new items in Windows Context Menu and lets you the option to even remove some existing options from Context menu.

Easy Context Menu

How to Use Easy Context Menu?

The soul of this tool is Windows Registry that gets changed automatically when you apply any new item using this tool. Adding new values in the Windows Registry is not an easy task, but this tool easily adds and removes the keys in the Windows Registry to add new items to the Context Menu.

The process of using this tool is very easy, you just need to select the option that you want to apply in related Context Menu and click on the sign of plus that appears at application toolbar.

Easy Context Menu

For the demonstration purpose I clicked on Delete Temporary Files and Restart Windows Explorer option, then click on the Apply Mouse icon. You will get little sound notification (you can switch it off from the Options menu) that tells you that your selected options has been applied and now you are ready to use them.

After applying the options that have been selected, you can check them by right-clicking on Desktop and you’ll find that the selected items will now successfully added into the Context Menu.

Easy Context Menu

You must know that Windows have different types of Context Menu, for example, Desktop Context Menu, My Computer Context Menu, Drives Context Menu, Folder Context Menu and so on.

Easy Context Menu supports most of Windows Context Menu where you can add new items to speedup your work at the computer. The process will be remain same to apply new items in the Context Menu.

For Developers/Geeks

For geeky person who want to understand this app, this app also has some very important options. As mentioned above the whole app is working on Windows Registry so you can also check the Registry keys that made changes in the Windows Registry.

Easy Context Menu

Like you can see Restart Windows Explorer will add/change what type of keys in the Windows Registry. To get the Registry key, right-click on the option and select Jump Registry Key option.

Overall, Easy Context Menu is a right tool that can save your time and will make Windows user experience more user friendly.


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