Extension Defender: Keep Chrome Safe from Adware and Trackers

You surf the internet on a daily basis and to make the overall process much easier, you use several extensions. Don’t you? But, do you know that there are some hidden activities which are preformed by many Chrome extensions without any knowledge and permission of the user.

Hackers and spammers are becoming more expert and they always tries to develop a new way using which they can steal users personal and valuable information.

Looking from the end user’s perspective, Chrome users having nothing to do with it on the user interface level and not everybody can track such suspicious activities of Chrome extension.

But we can’t deny the thumb rule, that we as a “User” must have some sort of idea that which type of extension we are using and are they secure or not. Yes, you can vouch for the Google Chrome Web Store for maintaining secured extensions, but it’s better to use some extra security layer to protect ourself from any unwanted result.

Extension Defender to Keep Chrome Browser Safe:

You may say that you’ve antivirus installed in your system. However, most of the antivirus has no option for this specific purpose. On the other hand, Chrome also supports third-party extensions in Web Store that are sometimes not safe.

So, to overcome this, there is one freeware extension available called Extension Defender that can scan your extensions for known malware, adware, and spyware to give you some extra security layer. You can say this extension works like an antivirus program that works only for your Chrome browser.

Like other antivirus it also gets the latest updates from its developers to give you maximum security from the latest threats.

Once you install this extension you’ll be ready to test the security loophole for your installed extensions.

Click onExtension Defender icon that appears automatically after installing in Chrome toolbar. In the Extension Defender page, click on Scan Now button.

Extension Defender

It takes just few seconds depending on the extension you have installed and shows you the result of scanning. As the screenshot available below I have just single extension that is detected as an adware extension.

But I know that this is not a harmful extension I had installed it from secured location so I have no need to remove it. This application works like charm to know what type of extension you have installed and if any malware or threats are found from unknown or even known extension you can simply remove that particular extension from Chrome or you can uninstall them by clicking on the Remove button.

Extension Defender

Overall, it’s a nice extension to protect your Chrome and your privacy as well that can be stolen by an adware or tracker.

If you are using any extension which is out of date or doing any suspicious activity, it is better to learn more about that extension by reading all policies and terms of that particular piece and then deciding to opt or not.

Prevention is always better than cure!

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