Garageband for PC Windows 10/8.1/7 Download (Latest Version)

Garageband for PC is the best music creation studio for music lovers. We are going to discuss Garageband for PC Download here. It is first introduced for iOS users. With the help of this app, you can create your music by using all the instruments like Piano, Guitar, and Drums. At the same time, users can record and share songs with their friends.

Garageband for PC allows to make and edit your movies, videos and add effects. That’s why it is the popular application among music lovers. Garageband for PC Download is helpful for those who have talent and want to show off publicly with their interests towards music.

Download GarageBand for PC

Garageband for PC is officially not available for Windows. But it can be downloaded easily on PC with the help of iPadian app player. Follow the steps to download Garageband on your PC.

1. First, download iPadian setup files using this link.

2. Further, open the downloaded extension file from file explorer to install on your computer.

3. After installation of a file, launch the iPadian app player on your PC.

4. Open the App Store and search Garageband App in the search option.

5. After that, the app with same icon and title will appear on the screen.

6. Then, click on the install option to install Garageband App on your PC.

7. Further, the installation process will take few minutes.

8. After installation of an app. Then, open and enjoy the features of App.

Features of Garageband for PC

Garageband for PC includes plenty of features that are designed to support the requirement of users to create new music. With the variety of features, it surprises the users. Some of those features are mentioned below:

♦ Garageband allows users to connect external keyboard using USB cable.

♦ It has built-in MIDI keyboards that let you create your music.

♦ This app helps to boost the bass and music sound.

♦ Garageband permits users to loop or record the music.

♦ This app enables to back up the edited songs in iCloud directly.

♦ This app lets you share your music to different social sites.

Alternatives to Garageband for PC

Garageband for PC is an efficient and pretty easy to get on your phone. But there are some devices in which the trick doesn’t work. In that case, you need to try other alternatives to Garageband. Here are the lists of other alternatives to Garageband for PC:

Mixcraft 7: This app works similar to Garageband and is available for Windows. Mixcraft has a lot of features than Garageband and contains a vast library of loops that make easier to create music. Further, users can use this app to edit videos.

AudioTool: Users can create music online through this app. This app takes music making one step further. AudioTool is a powerful online music software that enables to store all your data like presets, samples, and tracks in the cloud.

CubeBase: It is also a great alternative to Garageband regarding music recording and producing. This software also gives you the opportunity to record, produce and mix sounds. Further, it offers specific tools for different musical categories.

Ableton Live: It includes real-time editing, lives nonlinear, excellent flow as well as flexible performance options. All these features of this app make the favorite among music lovers. This tool has the latest version which comes with new techniques and improvements.


Garageband is not available on platforms other than iOS. But we have guided you through the steps to enjoy Garageband for PC Download. Further, this app makes the musician out of everyone. No doubt, it is the best digital music composition tools that have been created for the mobile and PC users. Further, you can try other alternatives to Garageband for PC from our site PDazzler.

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