Get “Silent” Notifications While You Are Using Your Android Device

Android is the best mobile operating system which is booming the Smartphone market. I also personally use Android device. There are hell lots of notification I am getting each day and to stop them, I have to activate the silent mode.

But many a time, I usually forget to disable the silent mode (Yeah, Human Nature :D ) that in turn results in lots of missed calls and email notifications.

However, when seen from different side of coin, Probably many Android users don’t need to get notified while using the phone and for this, the app called “Shush” automatically quiets down your device while you are using it.

When the screen is unlocked, a silent mode is activated. Silent mods works till you are using your phone, and once your phone screen is flipped to turn off and locked, the normal mode will be activated and you are ready to get sound notifications.

How to Use Shush?

Shush app has got no complicated options, just start the app and make sure Enable Shush is selected. By default Shush makes your phone silent while you are using it, but you can enable the vibrate option as well in the same Shush settings panel.

The app is free. However, the App exceptions works only in paid version that will automatically list your installed apps and then you can enable normal notification for specific app only.


In the settings panel, you can see one more tab called Apps. In the Apps tab you can select the apps that will be excluded from any silent notification. For example, you can select a Google Play Book app to get sound notifications for this app.


Shush works in the foreground, so you just need to forget about this after installation and you will see notifications in the top pull-down menu using the your Smartphone. In my personal opinion, this app is awesome for fat guys who are always busy with phone chat.

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