How I Am Using Google to Set Timer for My Favorite Noodles

Ah! It looks amazing that Google helps me to cook my favorite noodles and in time! In this internet era, we are drowned deeply into it.

From checking mails, Facebook status, Twitter accounts with just one eye open in the early morning, to saying good night to friends before we crash, and in between, almost every 3rd thing we do is directly or indirectly connected to the internet.

So, why don’t use the same internet to make yourself more productive and accurate? I don’t know how you will take this, but I’m personally using Google as a timer clock for reminding me every work.

Yes, Google is not just a search engine. It even contains lots of functions and features that are generally hidden or not known to many users. You can use the Google search engine for many different purposes, other than searching on the web.


For example, as I have to convert the US dollar into Indian Rupees many times in a day, I’m using Google for this to get instant update. The Google search bar has a built-in currency converter that shows you conversation value instantly.

You can use the same search bar to calculate, to get the definitions of something, etc. In the same pinch you can use the same Google search bar to set a timer for a specific time with the notification system.

For example, Google sets the timer for default 5 minutes and when you enter the keyword set timer in the search box Google shows a small timer clock in the search result with some controls. As shown in the image below Google timer is running and showing the progress bar as well.


You can increase or decrease the timer time as per as your requirements. For example, if you just want to set a timer for 35 minutes just type the keyword set timer for 35 minutes and that’s it!. To make it more exciting you can click on the small rectangle icon shown below the same icon to set it as a full screen.

And guess what, I’m using this set timer feature to get notified, once my favorite noodles is cooked. Yeah, I’m a noodles Lover

Once the timer reaches the set threshold time, The time over sound notification will beep, and thereby notify you. Additionally, on the same screen you can use Stop or Reset button to manage the timer.

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