Fix “Task Manager Has Been Disabled by Your Administrator” Error in Windows 8

Windows tweaks can improve system performance, but the same tweaks based on registry and other small level modification can also cause many critical issues.

Probably you have an idea about Group Policies of Windows where users can do more advanced settings that are not available in Windows 8 control panel. Group Policies are not associated with any system files modification, it’s just a modification of registry keys but in advanced level.

But some developer uses it as a main source code to develop an unwanted virus and malware. The most popular virus is an exe file that makes many ex folders in the system and disable lots of settings in Windows 8 including Task Manager.

Task Manager is very important and useful feature of any operatingsystem, but there are lots of viruses that are built to attack the Task Manager which disables it using the registry modification.

Task Manager

When you try to open Task Manager in Windows 8 which is affected by a virus, it’ll show “Task Manager has been disabled by your administrator” in a dialog box.

This particular problem is increasing these days and we’re flooded with mails demanding easy solutions. A user whofailed to solve this issue opts for clean Windows 8 installation, which is actually not an easy and preferable solution as you’ve to again install new apps and personalize your settings once again, really time consuming, isn’t it? So…


Here is the simple solution to rid from such type of virus and to remove the message “Task Manager has been disabled by administrator” to open Task Manager again in Windows 8.

There are actually two solutions for this. First one is,  you can enable it directly in Windows 8 registry or you can use the Group Policy editor to change the value.

Task Manager

Enable Task Manager in Windows 8 using Group Policy Editor

  1. Press Win + R key to open RUN box and enter the command gpedit.msc
  2. Now navigate to Configuration > Administrative Templates > System > Ctrl+Alt+Del Options.
  3. Now you can see a Remove Task Manager option in right side panel, double click on it to change its value.

You can set its value Disabled or Not Configured and restart the computer. You can also use gpupdate in RUN box command if you don’t want to restart the system.

Enable Task Manager in Windows 8 using Registry Editor

As mentioned above that Group Policy can be configured in Windows registry as well, so you can modify the same Group Policy in registry and enable the Task Manager again.

To enable Task Manager in Windows 8 or 8.1 again using the registry the you have to open following location one by one in the Registry Editor and delete the DWORD value “DisableTaskMgr” in right-side pane.




using Registry Editor

If you are not familiar with the registry and its working, then you can download a modified Registry Key that is created by one popular blog AskVG here.

To use this key, you have to extract it first from the ZIP file and double-click on the extracted file to merge them into Windows Registry. After successful merging of downloaded key, you can check your Task Manger and it will open as usual.

I did some more research and got a small tool called Task Manager Enable Tool. This tool is one click Task Managerenable tool which even can be used for same purpose.

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