How to Remove Bitstrips from Your News Feed

You probably have been bitstripped, for at least once. No? Well, we all know that Bitstrips are the new fad these days and every other friend are reporting silly things they do using Bitstrips.

It’s a fun, actually. But, when inundate with those comical characters, it irritates and spoils the whole user experience. We’ve seen many asking for a solution to stop these Bitstrips taking over their full news feed on Facebook.

 Bitstrips from Your News Feed

So, what actually it is? For those who don’t know what are they or even if you are new to play with Bitstrips, here is the quick glimpse of it.

What’s Bitstrip?

Bitstrip is an app using which you can create cartoon versions of yourself or even of your friends on Facebook. You can apply hilarious comic effects to make it more fun.

User can customize each and every thing including the hair style, face, size, down to pupil size and almost everything. You can even control backgrounds, scenes, and can add the situation you were in.


Once done, you can directly share it with your friends on Facebook. Bitstrips app is available for Android & iPhone with over 10 million users.

Fun, isn’t it? However, not everyone is a fan of it. So, here is how you can remove Bitstrips from your news feed.

 Bitstrips news feed

How to Remove Bitstrips from News Feed?

You can remove Bitstrips by two methods. First, you can simply hide it from your news feed by clicking on down arrow button to the top right of the image. Select “Hide all from Bitstrips” to hide every Bitstrips from your news feed.

Or alternatively, you can block the Bitstrips app from your account. Simply head over to app page and locate “Block” button on the right side panel. Click continue when prompted.

 Bitstrips news feed

Voila!!! You’re done!

Now, you will not see any Bitstrips on your news feed.

Also, if you want to get it back, you can simply go to “Account Settings” by clicking on the Gear Icon on top right corner. Select “Blocking” from left pane and then simply click on the “Unblock” option given after the name of apps you have blocked. In this case, click on the app would be “Bitstrips”.


So, if you feel yourself inundate with too many Bitstrips everyday, it’s better to block the app.

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