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Apple is of the world’s most renowned companies regarding technology. We will discuss iTunes Login Sign In Online here. It is very well known for the iPad, iPhone, and its Mac computers. iTunes is the Apple’s multi-media player and hub for the videos, music and other downloads on your iOS devices. Users can either purchase and download audiobooks, podcasts, ringtones, TV shows, etc.

Users can use this app to Login into iTunes Store. One of the most used Apple product by the users is iPhone. Further, iTunes is available by default on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod. In this article, we are going to explain the entire procedure for iTunes Login for iPhone devices.

iTunes Login Sign In Guide

We have discussed that iTunes is preinstalled on the iPad and iPhone. Therefore, there is no need to download the app. Here are the steps to follow for iTunes Login Sign In:

iTunes Sign in for iPhone

  1. First, open the iTunes App on your device.
  2. Then, go to the Login option which is available at the bottom of the page.
  3. Click on it, and select an Account to Sign In.
  4. If you have an account, then click on the use Existing ID.
  5. Then, enter the username with password. Now, click OK.
  6. After that, you will be Logged into iTunes Store.
  7. If you don’t have an Apple ID, then click on the Create Apple ID option.
  8. Enter your asked details and then create a unique password.
  9. Further, proceed with continue option. Now, iTunes Account has created.
  10. You can use an account for iTunes Login on your iPhone.

iTunes Sign in for Mac or PC

  1. First, download the updated version of iTunes App on your PC from the official link.
  2. Click on the download link and the app will start downloading. Once the downloading is over, install the app.
  3. Open iTunes on your PC after installation.
  4. Choose Account and click Sign In from the option.
  5. Type your Apple account ID and password. Then, tap on the Sign In button.
  6. If you don’t have an Apple ID, then you can create by clicking on ‘Create an Apple Account.’
  7. Follow the instructions to create an account and after the account creation, use it for iTunes Login on your PC. 

Features of iTunes

There are several features that iTunes offers after downloading it on the iPhone and iOS devices. Let us have a look on the features of iTunes.

♦ iTunes allows file playback with several audio format compatibility.

♦ Users can enjoy online Radio channels using the internet.

♦ Different files format conversion is possible on the iTunes App.

♦ Users can download files to portable music players.

♦ iTunes Login allows users to download videos, TV shows, and movies through the iTunes store.

♦ Using the new Ping feature, users can follow their favorite artists and see what they like to hear.

Problems faced in iTunes

There can be various reasons in which you are not able to Login in your iTunes Account. There might be several reasons such as either you have forgotten your password or account may have been disabled. However, there are solutions to these kinds of problems.

If you have forgotten your password: This type of cases frequently exist with some users. In this case, you must reset your password using the instructions we have provided.

  • First, go to the Apple Account Page and click on the ‘Forgot Apple ID or Password’ option.
  • Then you need to enter your Apple ID and click on the option of reset your password.
  • Follow the instructions carefully and move forward with it.
  • Further, your password will reset after a few minutes.

If Your Apple ID is Disabled: Sometimes when the user has already entered the wrong password or any account information incorrectly, then your iTunes Login will get blocked. In that case, go to ‘Recover your Apple ID.’ Further, enter your ID and then enter your existing password to unlock your account. Then, follow the instructions to unlock your ID.

If You forgot your Apple ID: In case if you have forgotten your iTunes Login ID, then there is an easy way to recover it. Most of the time Apple ID is your email address that you use. You can try with that. Another way is to click on the ‘Forgot ID or passwords’ option. Then, enter your name and email address. Further, you will get Apple ID in a few minutes.


Lastly, we have concluded that iTunes Login Sign In is a major factor for the Apple products to take advantage of several features. Hope, the detailed discussion about iTunes Login has already understood you everything related to it. You can get more details from our website PDazzler whenever you face any issues in iTunes Login Sign in Online.

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