How to make Windows XP/7 look like Windows 8

No doubt that Windows 8 has become an ambitious operating system for every computer user, and the main factor that attracts them to go for Windows 8 is its unique and modern Metro User Interface that never fails to catch our eyes.

For many, Windows 8 is still a dream as they need to buy it while they’re running out of money. Don’t worry, If you’re simply looking for its UI, but not features, then I got something for you.

Here, in this article I’m going to show you how to change the look and feel of your windows XP/7 machine to the brand-new Windows 8 Metro UI without spending a single buck.

windows XP/7 look like Windows 8

Note:- Before proceeding with following steps, create a system restore point, In case you need to change the settings later

Downloading Theme

First of all, you need to change the default theme of your machine, for this it’s necessary to install a third party theme that can be downloaded to your PC right away for free. Click here to download the theme.

Before you start applying third party themes you need to run UXTheme Multi Patcher, This can be downloaded from here!

Logon Window

Activating Windows Charms Bar

Charms bar is one of the most useful features of Windows 8. It displays all quick, accessible options on the right side of the screen which pop up when you hover the cursor thorough that area, to get this feature on Windows XP/7, there’s a piece of software called Charms by ValiNet, You can download it from here for free.

After the installation, you can see Charms by pointing your cursor towards the right side of your screen.

Logon Window

Getting the Metro UI Start Menu

After activating Charms, Download and install WinMerto by IObit to get the Windows 8 like start menu. Download WinMetro by clicking here!

Cursors and Sounds

After successfully installing WinMetro, Now it’s time for changing the default cursors and sounds of windows XP to the new Windows 8 Aero cursors and sound theme.


How to Install Cursors

Unzip the downloaded package to “%windir%\Cursors”, then go to the Control Panel > Printers and Other Hardwares > Mouse > Pointer (Tab)

Then click “Browse” button and replace all the existing cursors with the new ones and save them as “Windows 8”, then hit “Apply” then “OK”

How to Install Sounds

Unzip the downloaded package to “%windir%\media”; replace all existing sounds with the new one and you’re ready to go.

Logon Window

Now it’s time to set a new Windows 8 like logon screen for XP/7, for that read this article.

Windows 8 Boot Screen

This is the final step, download the Boot Screen package from here and install it using Tune-up Utilities

There you go! Now you have a brand-new Windows XP with Windows 8 Metro UI!


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