Post Audio Comments and Messages On Facebook In Chrome

Today Facebook is undoubtedly the biggest social media website in the world after acquiring Whatsapp a couple of days before, it is diversifying its portfolio.

Wherever we are, whatever we are doing, we can’t think our life without social media and Facebook being indispensable string, can easily be accessed through Desktops, Tablets, and Smartphones as well. And in case you don’t have a Smartphone, you can update your status and check the latest updates via SMS.

Facebook has also fulfilled the gap with voice and video support messenger that streams you live over online friends without installing any third party application.

You can also use its desktop version if you don’t want to visit the website every time to check the latest updates.


You can post your reviews, comments and even images at any published post on Facebook, but there is no option to post audio messages.

Until now this feature is not available with Facebook, but you can post any video or audio link directly in Facebook comment. Here is the one Chrome extension called Talk and Comments that extended this feature to the next level that offers you to send Send audio voice comments and messages on Facebook.

This free extension lets you record and send voice messages and comments on Facebook. Your friends can easily hear your message without installing the Chrome extension because your messages work independently once you posted/sent them.


You don’t need to set anything except Microphone. If you have installed microphone already in the system, then you don’t need to set anything to use the feature with this Chrome app.

You just need to allow permission to access your microphone that will record your voice messages. You can use the same extension to post audio messages in friends chat.

Once you permit that app to use your microphone, you are ready to post voice messages on Facebook. Open the post where you want to add audio comment and click & hold the small Microphone icon and release them once you recorded your message.


To add audio messages in chat window you have to click & hold the same microphone icon and release one you’re your recording is over.

Talk and Comments is the simple Chrome tool that makes your chats and comments seriously more interesting.

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