Remove Website From Google Result That You Don’t Want to See Again

We all love Google and we all use its different services at least hundred time a day, if not less. We use Google search to find out our favorite contents, applications, and hell lots of other things.

However, at the same time, there are some junks of websites that we don’t want to see in Google results, because they appear as useless with absolutely of no use.

Now this thing is new because there millions of Google users who always want to remove website from google results or want to block any specific website or multiple websites from Google result to get some better results for what they are seeking.

Generally Google does not support any such option to block websites from Google results, but they have added one official Chrome extension called Personal Blocklist (by Google) that can block any type of website from your Google result.

Remove Website

Once you block or remove website from google than it will never appear on your Google result again until you not unblocked them.

Using this extension you have power to create a blocklist which will contain all the website that you don’t want to see in your Google Search result.

How to Use Personal Blocklist?

You don’t need to configure any option or settings, just install the extension and you will see one new option in your Google result with Block <website name>.

Click on block option for the specific website in the result and website will be removed from your result. You can see the instant action of extension and your blocked website will be hidden from result immediately.

All the blocked websites list can be accessed in Personal Blocklist popup window where you can edit or unblock the blocked website.

How You Check Blocked Websites by Personal Blocklist in Google Result?

Yes, this is also possible to check the blocked or removed website in Google result because every time you search for specific keyword with the blocked website, Google result will show one small notice at the end of result page like “Some results were removed by the Personal Blocklist Chrome extension (show).”

So, you can click on Show option and Google result will be refreshed again with blocked websites that are blocked using the Personal Blocklist extension. Blocked website will be shown in special filled boxes so that you easily recognized them.

Use Personal Blocklist

This extension can be a handy tool to block spammy websites or to remove website from google that you don’t want to see in Google Search Results. You can get it from here!.


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