Streamus: Turn Your Chrome into YouTube Powered Music Player

Needless to say Music is the second soul of human beings that holds the people across different countries, speaking different languages and of different races all together.

There are hell lots of services and apps available online that promises you to stream the latest music from all over the world for absolutely free. Today Internet is overloaded with lots of online music radio stations and streaming services where you can listen your favorite musics without saving them on computer if you have good internet connection speed.

And I’m no exception. I also love music and I am using many different applications to listen my favorite songs of different genre. So, here I’m again with one more very new Chrome extension that will change your online music experience without spending a single penny.

Yes, I am talking about Streamus Chrome Extension that can stream YouTube videos into audio to listen them in Chrome without having any extra player and efforts.


Streamus extension is developed by a young developer Sean Anderson with intension to make YouTube steaming more user friendly. Till now, you were used to bookmark the page, video or channel to use them in future or even on daily basis and wait for latest updates, but using Streamus you don’t need to bookmark anythink, just enter the music title in the search bar and click on play button to start streaming.

If you have a high-speed internet connection it will take few seconds to start the music without saving them on your hard drive. Everything works so smoothly that you will never feel that you are listening your favorite music directly from YouTube.

Once you have installed this extension from Google Chrome Web Store it will appear with small green color sign (that turns yellow in music pause mode) on your Chrome toolbar. Click on Streamus icon to access all its features.

Streamus Playlist

Streamus Playlist

Like other music apps and software Streamus have ability to store your music in built-in cache that will save yourbandwidth and this will be very helpful if you want to listen your favorite songs on loop, like we all do.

Another beautiful feature of this extension is that you can create a playlist as well to keep your tracks in well format. You can rename the default playlist name or make new by clicking on + sign button.

Under the hood there are some more useful options that makes this music extension extremely useful for music lovers. You can also shuffle the music and repeat or even disable the music.


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