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Tinder is the social networking App and is designed as dating application that helps to communicate with the interested users. We will discuss Tinder Login Sign In here. In very less time, the app has gained popularity in the Android market. It is available on Google Play Store. This app is almost similar to the other social networking sites.

Nowadays Social media are the best way to connect with your loved ones. There are many social networking sites available in the market such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and much more. Tinder is also one of them that helps to find you people with your interests. In this article, we are going to discuss ways of Tinder Login Sign In.

Tinder Login Sign In Guide

Tinder doesn’t have an official PC app; it is limited to iOS and Android. You will have to download Bluestacks Android emulator. Below are the steps to download and install Tinder App on your PC.

  1. Download and install the Bluestacks emulator on your PC through this link.
  2. Log into your Google account from the Bluestacks and set up the Google Play Store.
  3. Then, search the name of Tinder App and install it.
  4. Further, Tinder Login with the existing email id and password.
  5. Moreover, you can Login with your Facebook Account also.

Login Instructions for Android: Android users can easily get this app from the Play Store. Simply search the name of the app and click on the install button. It will start downloading. Then, wait for the download to complete. After that Login with the email id and password. If you don’t have any account on Tinder, then register on it. Fill the asked details and Login with the same email id and password which you have created.

Features of Tinder

There are millions of people using this app around the world because of its intuitive design and popularity. Following are the unique features of Tinder.

Swipe: It is available in the center of Tinder’s design. It provides Swipe left or right. When you have to Like a photo, then Swipe right or else Swipe left to continue on the search.

Instagram and Spotify integration: Tinder helps you to connect with your Spotify and Instagram accounts. It is also a process to visualize others your photos and the type of music you like.

Login with Facebook: Tinder allows you to Login with Facebook account. It uses your Spotify and Facebook profiles.

Supports different Versions: The Android version of Tinder App is only around 6.1 MB which doesn’t take much storage space. It works for Android version 2.2 and above.

Matchmaker Features: It also comes with the Matchmaker feature. It allows users to create matches among other Tinder users they are interested.

Resolve Tinder Login Issue

Sometimes users experience the Facebook Login Cancelled error message while attempting to sign in with Facebook profile. Below is the step by step procedures to solve the Tinder Facebook syncing problem.

  1. First, update the Tinder app or download the latest version of App.
  2. Log out of your App from your phone if login already.
  3. Now, go to Facebook App and see the Tinder app in it whether the app has been allowed permissions to associate with the Facebook App.
  4. Then come out of the App and again try for Tinder Login.
  5. Now, you will be able to log in successfully this time.


Tinder is a well-praised dating application for Android and iOS devices. Tinder Login with Facebook account helps to minimize the number of fake profiles in the system. Further, it ensures that only those who express mutual interest are allowed to communicate or chat. You can get more information about other popular dating apps from our website PDazzler.

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